Ambulatory Opiate Detox, Recovery & Wellness

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What services are offered?

  • Safe, effective, medication-assisted detoxification and substance use treatment for people with a severe opiate use disorder
  • Outpatient, physician-supervised program that includes a complete physical exam and treatment of underlying medical issues
  • Individual and group counseling by licensed professionals in a nonjudgmental and secure environment
  • Detoxification that begins on a Monday or Tuesday and usually takes 3-4 days
  • Nutritious snacks and beverages during course of treatment
  • Access to continued support services after completion of the daily, intensive program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

People who are motivated to begin recovery from opiate use disorder are a good fit for this program. They can be self-referred or sent from a physician or agency. This program is for adults, but others may be considered on an individual basis. People who participate in Ambulatory Opiate Detox, Recovery & Wellness may be covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or many other insurances. Individuals who need an affordable option with a sliding fee scale based on household income and size are also welcome.

What are some of the differences between our ambulatory (or outpatient) detox and an inpatient treatment elsewhere?

At an inpatient treatment facility, you live in a residence area, sometimes a shared dorm room, under the regulations of the center. Each center is different, but you generally give up control of your day-to-day life while at the facility. Travel is sometimes required for inpatient treatment, and this can mean time away from family, work, and other personal obligations. Cost can be beyond many people’s means.

With our ambulatory detox, you continue to live in your own home. You remain in control of your life. You can see your family in the evenings and begin rebuilding your personal life with the help and support you receive from the program. You take responsibility for participating in the treatment program as specified in your treatment plan.

Is this a methadone program?

No. This medication-assisted treatment program (MAT) uses buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is successful at managing withdrawal and preventing relapse. Many people will continue to take this medication on their own for a period of time after detox treatment ends. In combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, MAT provides a whole-person approach to healing opioid dependency.

What type of support is available after detox ends?

Every person receives an individualized treatment plan. Access to continued support services, individual or group counseling, and primary care services is available.